This is Jake Troxell.

Actually, this is a two-dimensional imposter. The real Jake Troxell is skilled in graphic design, animation, copywriting, marketing strategy and analytics, HTML/CSS, and concurrently existing across three-dimensions whilst traveling through the fourth.

Here's a montage of his more exciting work:

Mr. Troxell has previously worked with incredible companies like Merck,, The Hill School, Buddy Media, ReturnLogic, and Rodale with important-sounding roles like Art Director, Copywriter, Marketing Manager, and UX Designer.

The Royersford-based human being enjoys mountain biking, writing short stories, and making his children cry (from laughing).

If the man-thing pictured at the top of this page ever approaches you on the street, run away. Two-dimensional people are not to be trusted.

Recent Projects Redesign

After a year of dedicated research, was reimagined with a cleaner, more modern layout as well as an optimized user experience allowing shoppers to effortlessly shop by character or category.

Superherostuff design

SHS Print Catalog

Print projects? No problem! This 32-page winter catalog is exploding with InDesign CMYK awesomeness – and the whole thing was designed and photographed in just five very sleepless nights.

SuperHeroStuff Catalog
SuperHeroStuff Print Catalog

The Hill School Rebranding

The Hill had fresh new branding but there was one problem, actually thousands of them. All signage, banners, documents, athletic gear, spiritwear, pens, rugs, and every other little thing needed a new logo...asap.

Hill Rebrand
Hill Rebrand

Email Newsletters

Your customers' inbox could get a whole lot more engaging.

SuperHeroStuff Newsletter Design
SuperHeroStuff NL Design


Somewhere along Jake's timeline, he fell in love with animation timelines.

Ecommerce Email GIF
Bike Parts Gif
Earth Directions Gif
Eye Gif
Hydra Gif
Vote Gif

Short Stories

A collection of short stories that people won't like because there isn't nearly enough kissing.

K is for Kickflip: The ABCs of Skateboarding

Dreams of being a well-respected novelist finally came to fruition when Mingo the Flamingo learned to kickflip.

K is for Kickflip Cover
Mingo Interior Design


From ink and paper to vector and pixels to goofy and terrible ideas.

Fiona Book Cover Design
Leroux Comic Illustration
Last House Comic Illustration
Political Cartoon
Ghost Rider Vector
SHS Orders
Vector Volcano
SHS Outfit Machine

Logo & Identity

Need to tell the world who you are and what you do in just a simple image?

Comic Binge Logo
HeroBox Logo
Drink & Sync Logo
SHS Splatter Logo


Jake has helped to tell the stories of these awesome businesses.

Merck Logo
SuperHeroStuff Logo
Rodale Logo
Return Logic Logo
The Hill School Logo
Salesforce Logo
Timberlane Logo
Men's Health Logo
Runner's World Logo
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